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Washing Machine FAQ

Washing Machine

1) Do you provide door-to-door services?

  • Yes, we only clean at customer's premises, normally at car pouch or bathroom (for condo only)

2) How long is the working time?

  • Top loader 2 - 3 hours, Front loader 4 - 6 hours

3) How long is the workmanship warranty?

  • 14 days.

  • Workmanship warranty applicable to all parts which ever dismantled and installed back by us. Normal wear & tear of electronic & mechanical parts will not in warranty range, such as life span of motor & etc.

4) Is it safe to dismantle washer?

  • Yes. For top loader, we need not dismantle any electronic device especially motor. We have well-trained & certified technician to perform the job.

5) Is it safe to clean annually?

  • Yes, we say NO to harsh & corrosive chemicals. We will use only pressurized water, soft hand brush and Amway LOC cleaner to clean your washing machine. A clean washing machine and laundry will help you to maintain health.

6) How much is the serving charges?

  • Please take a photo of your washing machine and send to us for accurate advice and quotation. Each model of machine has slightly different design and servicing cost.

7) Is there any hidden charges or additional cost to the annual servicing?

  • No hidden charges. Servicing charges quoted inclusive of cleaning, sterilization, transport charges and tax. You will only expect extra cost when replacement part is involved, such as water pipe, stainless steel screw & etc. Toshiba washing machine will have rusty bolt problem, other brands usually don't.

8) Which kind of model is NOT suitable for deep cleaning?

  • machine which ever cleaned by tub cleaning chemicals (which is normally in small handy pack). Be mindful that tub cleaner MAY be corrosive to bottom part of drum

  • machine with 10 years old & above. Soapy laundry detergent can corrode certain part of machine.

  • some model with special design.  Please provide model number or picture to us for free advice.

Fabric Sofa / Car Seat

1)  Will my fabric car seat / sofa be absolutely clean after washing?

  • The effect of cleaning will depend on fabric material, nature of stain and time of getting stain on it. For water soluble stain and solid substances, cleaning effect can be as good as 95 - 100% clean.


2) Will the fabric discolored?

  • No, our German imported cleaner is safe to all sorts of fabrics, human skin and environment. 


3) Will the fabric sofa / car seat be very wet?

  • With our skillful staff & efficient machine, up to 95% of water will be removed from fabric. You can feel the moist but never be able to squeeze a drop of water from it.

4) How soon does the fabric sofa / car seat dry out?

  • 1 - 4 hours, depend on weather. We will dry them with warm air (below 60c, safe to fabric). All moist in air can escape from opened-windows or aircon. 


5) How long is the total working time?

  • 5-seater car/sofa, 3 hrs. 7-seater car/sofa, 4 - 6 hrs.

Leather Sofa / Car Seat

1) Will leather cleaner be harmful to my leather car seat/sofa?

  •  No, leather cleaner is very mild and harmless to leather and even our sensitive skin


2) What is the benefit of conditioning leather?

  • The conditioner, pure lanolin (also called sheep wool wax) will nourish and restore flexibility in the fibers. 


3) Will cleaning and conditioning leather be worthy?

  • Yearly cleaning & conditioning can protect leather and increase the life span of leather, the charges is about 5 - 10% of leather sofa only.


4) Do I need to send out my sofa / car for leather cleaning?

  • No, we provide door-to door service, with no hidden cost. 


1)  Will my mattress be absolutely clean after washing?

  • The effect of cleaning will depend on fabric material, nature of stain and time of getting stain on it. All sweat, water soluble dirt, bacteria and bad smell within 2 inch of mattress will be removed.  For watermark and oxidized fabric (usually in yellowish color), normally it can't be 100% removed. We don't use bleach as it's harmful to fiber of mattress.


2) Will cleaning chemicals be harmful to mattress?

  • No, our German imported cleaner is safe to all sorts of fabrics, human and environment.

3) Will the fabric sofa / car seat be very wet?

  • With our skillful staff & efficient machine, up to 95% of water will be removed from fabric. You can feel the moist but never be able to squeeze a drop of water from it.

4) What is the cleaning procedure?

  • Remove dust and dust mite by using Rainbow vacuum cleaner (top & bottom side)

  • Sterilize it with max. 140°C degree hot steam. It's safe to all kind of mattress. (top & bottom side)

  • Wash the top side only with German biodegradable cleaner which is very safe to baby, sensitive skin & environment. Sweat and stain will be extracted in this step.

  • Warm air drying.

  • Aircon or fan must be opened for 8 hours to remove any excessive moist in room to avoid any mold.

5)  Will the pillow be absolutely clean after washing?

  • To be honest, our green cleaner can't remove 80% of visible yellow spot or stain on pillow due to the nature of material of pillow and oxidized human saliva. Good thing is, cleaning machine can wash up to 1 inch depth of pillow, and steaming machine can sterilize the whole pillow. 

Washing Machine Repair

1) Do you provide washing machine repairing service?

  • Yes, but we carry certain brand only, which are Electrolux, Samsung & LG. Please check us with for other brand and coverage area.


2) Are you appointed technician by any major company?

  • Yes, we are Appointed & Authorized service contractor of ELECTROLUX washing machine in Johor Bahru, Pontian & Kota Tinggi. 

3) How do you charge for repairing service?

  • We must follow the price rate & instruction from maker. Transport & checking fee per machine is RM 80 - 140, one-time charges, regardless of how many trip we make to solve the case. If client decided to not repair, or machine is out of servicing range, we will still need to charge as per instruction. Replacement part and labor charges will be collected additionally. NO replacement and repair job will be done before the approval of client.

Other Question

1) What is the working day?

  • Monday - Saturday, 9am - 6pm (We work through public holiday, but rest on Sunday)


2) Do I need to make appointment?

  • Yes, we can only accept client with appointment.


3) How is the payment mode?

  • Cash or Instant online transfer only. Payment must be made upon completion of job.


4) What kind of technician will be sent to my house?

  • Our own local technician only, No sub contractor.




  • 是的,我们只在客户的住家或公司工作,不需要搬走洗衣机或家具,避免任何损坏。洗衣机内桶的清洗工作将会在车房进行,公寓的话将会在厕所内进行。完成工作后,会清洗工作场所。



  • 直立洗衣机(上开盖)2 - 3小时,滚筒洗衣机(前门)4 - 6小时



  • 14天。保修适用于我们曾经拆卸和安装的所有部位。电子 / 机械零件的正常磨损,不在保修范围内,例如:电动机 (motor) 的使用寿命



  • 是的。 对于直立式洗衣机,我们无需拆卸任何电子设备。 我们有训练有素的本地师傅来完成这项工作。



  • 是的,我们“不用“腐蚀性化学品来溶解污垢。我们有独家的清洗技术和手法,只需要高压水,柔软的刷子和Amway LOC环保清洁剂来清洁洗衣机。



  • 请拍几张洗衣机的照片,发送给我们,就能知道准确的收费和清洗时间。每个型号的洗衣机,设计都有点不同,收费也会不同。



  • 没有隐藏费用。清洗服务费包括清洁,消毒,交通费和消费税。如果更换零件,例如水管,不锈钢螺丝等,才会额外收费。Toshiba洗衣机普遍会出现生锈的螺栓问题,而其他品牌通常不会。


8)哪一些洗衣机“不能” 拆开来清洗 ?

  • 浸泡过药粉的洗衣机。请注意!内槽清洁剂很可能腐蚀滚筒底部。

  • 10年或以上的洗衣机。因为洗衣粉会腐蚀内桶的底部。

  • 一些特定的款式,需要确定洗衣机的款式才能让你知道更多。




布艺沙发 / 汽车座椅



  •  清洁效果取决于布料材质,污渍的性质和污渍沉淀的时间。 对于水溶性污渍和粉尘,清洁效果可以达到95 - 100%。



  • 不会,我们使用的德国进口清洁剂,对布料,人和环境都是安全的。



  • 不会。高效能的机器,配合用心的清洗技术,可以回收高达95%的水份。 你可以摸到沙发有点湿,但是怎样都挤不出一滴水。



  • 1 - 4小时,干透速度取决于天气。 我们将用热风加速水分蒸发。热风的气温低于摄氏60度,对布料是安全的。 烘干后,需要打开窗口,或冷气机除湿,长达8小时,来去除空气的水分。



  • 5人座汽车 / 沙发,要3小时。 7人座汽车 / 沙发,4 - 6小时。




皮革沙发 / 汽车座椅



  • 澳洲进口的皮革清洁剂非常温和,对皮革,甚至我们敏感的皮肤都无害。



  • 我们使用的护理精华,也就是纯羊毛脂(也称羊毛蜡)将滋养和恢复皮革纤维的柔韧性。 皮革会变得更柔软,恢复自然光泽,好像新皮革一样。



  • 每年清洗和护理,可以保护皮革并延长皮革的使用寿命。清洗费用,只是新皮革沙发的5 – 10%。



  • 不会,我们只提供上门服务,减低运送损坏的风险,和节省客户的时间。




床褥 / 床垫



  • 清洁的效果取决于布料材料,污渍的性质和污渍的时间。 2英寸床垫内的所有汗水,水溶性污垢,细菌和难闻气味都能被清除。对于水印和氧化的部分(通常为黄色或褐色),不能保证100%清除变色部分。我们不使用漂白剂,因为它对床垫纤维有害。



  • 不,我们的德国进口清洁剂,对各种布料,人和环境都是安全的。



  • 不会。高效能的机器,配合用心的清洗技术,可以回收高达95%的水份。 你可以摸到沙发有点湿,但是怎样都挤不出一滴水。



  • 用Rainbow吸尘器清除灰尘和尘螨。(包括床的上面和底部)

  • 用最高140°C的高温蒸汽杀菌,不需要用到药水。蒸汽对所有的床垫都是安全的。(包括床的上面和底部)

  • 用德国环保清洁剂,清洗床的上面(睡的部分而已)。清洁剂对婴儿,敏感皮肤都是非常安全的。汗水和污渍会在这个步骤被洗掉。

  • 风干处理。

  • 接着“一定要“打开冷气机或风扇8个小时,来去除室内的多余水分,避免家具发霉。



  • 大部分枕头的布料,弄到口水氧化后,都几乎没办法洗掉变色的部分。好消息是,清洁机可以洗到枕头1寸深的海绵,洗掉很多汗水,而蒸汽机可以对整个枕头进行消毒,这样就不用丢掉枕头了。







  • 我们只收一些品牌的原装零件,包括伊莱克斯 (Electrolux),三星 (Samsung) 和LG。其他牌子的话,请询问我们。



  • 是的,我们是ELECTROLUX的指定和授权承包商,负责柔佛州新山,笨珍和哥打丁宜县。



  •  我们必须跟随和遵守厂家的收费表。 每台洗衣机的上门费是RM 80-140,一次性收费,来回多少趟都一样,修到好为止。如果客户决定不维修,或者机器已经不能修了,我们还是要根据厂家的指示收费。更换零件和人工费用将另外收取。 在客户同意维修之前,我们不会进行任何更换和维修工作。







  • 星期一 到 星期六,早上9点到下午6点(假期也有工作,只在星期天休息)



  • 要的,我们只能接受预约的客户。



  • 现金或即时网络转账。完成工作后才需要付款,不提供欠账和拖欠服务。



  • 只有我们自家的技术人员,华人,没有外包公司。

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