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Electrolux 7.5 kg Venting Dryer, model : EDV754H3WB

Electrolux 7.5 kg Venting Dryer, model : EDV754H3WB


Electrolux 7.5 kg venting dryer


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It's most economic hot air laundry dryer and light weighted. The repair cost is also the least among all kind of cloth dryer.


Thanks to the extra solid and light weighted special material, you can move it easily.


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  • We are authorized Electrolux service contractor, we are your fastest technician to claim your warranty without sophisticated reporting procedure and long waiting queue.
  • free shipping within JB, Pontian
  • free installation & adjustment by technician, not normal deliveryman
  • free disposal of unwanted washing machine & dryer
  • very fast and easy to claim warranty without calling service center
  • direct from factory


What will this machine offer ?


  • 2 years general warranty
  • *32% less wrinkles vs line drying - tested and certified by THTI
  • *80% less colour fading vs sun drying - tested and certified by UL.
  • no over-drying. Smart Sensor customises drying time
  • compact size for any house : 845 mm (H) x 600 mm (W) x 600 mm (D)
  • can stack on any Electrolux washing machine with extra stacking kit