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Electrolux AirDry Inverter Dishwasher

Electrolux AirDry Inverter Dishwasher


Electrolux dishwasher


One of the most durable European home appliances.


Special deal from Mr. Clean :


  • We are authorized Electrolux service contractor, we are your fastest technician to claim warranty, no long queue, no waiting
  • free shipping within JB, Pontian
  • free installation & adjustment by technician, not normal deliveryman
  • free disposal of unwanted dishwasher
  • very fast and easy to claim warranty without calling service center
  • direct from factory

What will this machine offer ?


  • 2 years general warranty
  • Superior cleaning with 3 times better spray coverage, comparing with normal single spray arm 
  • only 30 minutes with the QuickPlus program, perfect for light soiled dishes
  • Door opens automatically during the drying phase, and air leaves plates and cutlery completely dry
  • compact size for any house : 850 mm (H) x 600 mm (W) x 625 mm (D)
  • water consumption: 11 litres
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